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Ok, It’s NOT June Yet!!!

So my arch nemisis is out already….couldn’t wait until June I see. Soon you’ll all be seeing and hearing this almost-phobia of mine. THE JUNE BUG!!! Ew. Yea, I saw my first one tonight on the back veranda. I really wish the world could do without this particular grub. The buzzing, the flying into my hair…..oh the joys of summer.

Speaking of summer…it’s definitely almost here. It was b-e-a-u-tiful out there this afternoon! It makes me wish I too was unemployed. Maybe I will be in a month and a half (I’m considering taking one of the summer lay-offs….I just can’t decide).

Pros: Summer off to do whatever I want….I’ll have the wheels and I’m semi-close to a beach (it’s not the Merb but oh well). I won’t have to deal with boss stress or kid stress for that matter. I will be able to pack up stuff over time instead of rammed into one week or weekend. I can possibly start a distance course from Acadia (probably won’t since it’s the summer and whatnot, but it’s a possibility). I have freedom to be able to go home whenever.

Cons: I won’t save half as much money as we banked on or probably need for that matter. After a few weeks or so, not working and being unemployed will definitely lose its’ effect and I’ll become bored since everyone else is working. I will miss the kids.

Someone PLEASE HELP! I can’t decide. Realistically, not idealogically, what should I do? What is best????

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