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Ok, Summer is Officially Here

I forgot to announce the arrival of summer. Whoops. I had 3 things and last time I had 2/3 done!

3. Enjoying a daiquiri or sling on a hot evening — Check!
(Jill and I have a few slings, some blue freezes, a heaven or hell, strawberry explosion/melon thing)…about once a week or so we all meet up and go out for drinks and the infamous cheesecake. Yum!) Oh how I love summer and hanging out with friends. 🙂

However, last time we all went out I think I got food poisoning from something. Within 30min-1hour after eating at a restaurant that will remain nameless (hint: we go there lots and a friend of ours works there) I got rotted. Oh well, it passed eventually and I will go back. lol Maybe it was the 24 hour flu, who knows.

So the weather has been icky…it’s been raining all of June except for a few days here and there and it friggin sucks. Oh well, nothing we can do and it’s probably a good thing since I hear it’s supposed to be a very hot and dry summer!!! I hear it might be nice this weekend so that’s a plus. John and I will find something fun and summery to do I’m sure.

I can’t believe that Canada Day weekend is going to be here in a couple short weeks. We haven’t decided what we are doing or where we are going but I’m sure it’ll be a good time. Although, it’s going to be hard to beat last years Canada Day weekend…it won’t even be the same crowd. Kimball will be chillin up in Nunavit and Carli is awol in Pictou Co. If we stay in town Michelle will come up so that balances everything out. Between her, Jill and I we’ll have a good time and just give’r. After all, Jillian will finally be done her placement at the dreaded place 😉 and can have some time to relax….even if it is in the middle of the week. She’s a trooper. She’ll come out dancing sometime soon with me I hope!

Bring on Canada Day weekend and that means Shediac Lobster Festival will be here before we know it too! Although, I am Hali bound July 7-9 for at least one of those days so Shediac may take a back seat. We’ll just have to wait and see! 🙂

Well that’s all for now, I’m out

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