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Our 1st Married Thanksgiving

Well, it was a different Thanksgiving weekend that’s for sure. It’s the first time I ever remember not going home for it….but John and I made the best of it. Our ‘turkey day’ was today…Monday the 9th. We bought a 12lb turkey…yes a lot for 2 people but it was a good price and John loves hot turkey sandwiches so I don’t have to worry about suppers for a few evenings! LOL We even made all the trimmings….stuffing, potatoes, corn, cranberry sauce, pickles, turnip, gravy. I didn’t think the gravy was going to turn out initially but eventually it took shape and John likes it. I never made turnip before either but it was pretty good if I don’t say so myself! Even the dressing was awesome. It all came together.

We ate around 5:45 and by 7 we were done eating and cleaning the apt…it was like it never happened! LOL Except for the big bellies John and I are toting. We didn’t even eat dessert….I made apple crisp and fudge and everything. But, now a few hours later the apple crisp is slowly dissipating and the fudge is almost non-existent. LOL

So all in all, a pretty decent Thanksgiving I suppose. Next year, maybe people will come over and I can cook for them! I love doing this sort of thing!

It’s going to be one of those years we look back at and laugh….remember the days when we were poor and had no table so we used a coffee table for Thanksgiving Dinner! LOL

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