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Party on Wayne, Party on Garth….

….it’s March Break! :rodeo: :vhappy: I’m done for a week. :cheers:

I should do work over break but we’ll see what happens! LOL I just need time to do absolutely nothing. However, I finally had a good….great day yesterday! :happy: A good lead-in to March Break maybe?!?

John, Dane, Meghan & I went to the Snooty Fox last night…Chris couldn’t go because of a group project presentation. It was half price appetizers so we just had to go! hehe Plus, they have AWESOME candy apple drinks soooooo. 😉 It was all so tasty! It was crazy busy as usual but almost more so. It must of been because she bought a tray (4) Sourpuss shots to the table for us since service wasn’t the greatest/so busy. They were almost the best shots I’ve ever had. It tasted like jello. We asked what it was and it’s red sourpuss, blue curacao, and a splash of cranberry juice! Sooooo good! Just like jello/kool-aid. Pssst, Jill…you’d love them. We’ll have to try it sometime.

Ok, back to the reason for the season…it’s March Break. John deserves this break. As of tomorrow at 2:20 he will be done for a week and got through his week from H*%$. :vhappy: We have to make an appearance in Moncton b/c John has an appt. with his Dr so hopefully that trip will involve cheesecake and poutine! 😉

No real plans for the break. If I had one “Millionaire for Life” last night we wouldn’t even be having this conversation now. I’d be packing and we’d be jumping a plane tomorrow to where ever! But it’s a no go. We’ll have to settle to be plain Laura & John who are struggling students! (lol) So without even a decent bit of money it’s going to make March Break hard to do the stuff we’d like to do. I’ll be content hanging out with friends and sharing a few drinks and watching movies. :thumbsup:

So here’s to MARCH BREAK! :drunk:

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  • Jillian

    :cheers: sounds yummy and yes we have to go since i love that place and seems to me that some little man went with a girl the other night and we never go there, no naming names,…hmmm chris, i miss the chicken basil sandwich and wings and slings

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