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Day 29: Our Dining Nook Wall
Day 29: Our Dining Nook Wall

We are finally getting around to hanging pictures on our walls.  It’s a harder task than I had imagined that is for sure. We have so many and so many more we want to hang. But this was the first ‘for sure’ thing that we did. I had an image and this fit it perfectly. It’s the wall behind, or beside whichever you want to call it, our dining room table.

The next big thing we want to hang is a photo wall filled with photos from home and maybe some scenery we’ve taken photos of in our travels.  But we can’t decide which room and on which wall and we can’t buy the frames until we do because some walls are deep brown and the white frames wouldn’t look good on that and other walls are light beige and we would want to use black frames. Oh the conundrums that are our decorating life.

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