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Progress is at hand

Things are progressing.  We’ve bought 2 trees for our back yard. A beautiful Thunderchild Crabapple tree and a Deborah Maple. I’ve never seen a Maple tree like it. It’s leaves look Bronze. They are green and this rustic purple that make it look purple. It supposedly changes an orange-yellow-red in the fall but it’ll be real subtle, if at all, because we don’t get the right weather to make trees look like trees back East. Oh well. I still love my tree. Oh yes, this crab apple tree is awesome as well. They are very hardy here in the Hat and I just love them this time of year. The blossoms are so pretty and then when it gets big it has a cool shape and a gnarly bark that I really love.

I’m going to have to come up with a name for our trees though. I like to name everything. Any suggestions? Maybe it’ll be easier once you see pictures.  We are going to plant them both this weekend and I’m actually really looking forward to it. I want to be out in the sun, working on my tan and getting my vit. D levels up! hehe

What else…oh yea, we had the walk through of our condo this a.m. and there were no hangups. No issues at all. Nothing like leaving our place back in F-town. Best part of it all, the person from our landlords office turned out to be from good ol’Stellarton, Nova Scotia. She was an SHS grad of ’97 so not too far ahead of me.  I wasn’t at the appt. It was just J but somehow the topic came up and she is from my hometown. Small world syndrome hits again.

So we have decided that we are definitely doing the bathroom downstairs and relatively soon. We may start picking things up here and there and pick away at it.  So that is kind of exciting to say the least.

Well I’m off to start making a late supper. Just wanted to touch base.

Don’t forget, we have to come up with names for our trees. hehe


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