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So break is basically over….

…and what did we do? Absolutely nothing. 🙁 Our plans were squashed by this monster cold we got. It’s a week later and John is still really sick. We’ve been to the Dr. twice but this lung infection didn’t even budge.

Now we are back to doing school work all day…it’s like we never left that. How on earth is that fair? I guess we didn’t deserve to have a stressfree, fun break.

I’m bitter, can you tell!?!

I’m actually beyond bitter. I’m pissed. We needed this time to just let loose but we can’t even leave our apartment without feeling like shit and nearly coughing up our lungs. Where’s the justice in that. I’m now going to have to hear of all the great things people did over break and here we were sitting in our apartment wallowing.

Don’t get me wrong. I loved getting to spend all the time with John and not having to get up early but I had plans. We had plans, dammit. Oh well, we’ll have to do it all some other time. When we’ll have the time I’m not sure. This was probably my last “March Break” ever….unless one day I decide to become a teacher….John has one more to enjoy before he’s done so that’s a plus. But maybe we’ll have time at the end of April before we both start working. Let’s just cross our fingers on that one.

At some point today I need to go up to the library and try to find info for my paper. It’s lacking. I emailed my prof yesterday and she pointed me in a direction I wasn’t thinking about so I hope that helps. But this paper that I thought was going to be easy has turned into my arch nemesis. It had the potential of being a cake walk but then she explained what exactly she wanted and man, this is a completely different ball game. I’m going to have to meet with the T.A. at some point I think to go over some things because this psych paper is unlike any other that I’ve had to write. UNB does it differently.

So yea, all it seems I do now is rant on this blog. Games or rant. But oh well, it’s cathartic for me. Thanks for listening as I could go on forever.

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  • Jillian

    :sorry: if it makes it any better, i didnt have fun, i worked all week and wrote papers and did assignments , although the sports rock was one of the highlights of my week.. i am hoping we can go drinking soon and pig out at the fox :devil: damn you cold, stay away from laura and john..?@@#@!!!!!

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