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The Truth in Masquerade

The first rule I can remember ever being taught, and taught to value, is never tell a lie.

A lie is different than little white lies, fibs, and all the other synonyms pertaining to a misleading of fact where harm is of no concern. Actually protecting someone you care about (not protecting yourself) is not a lie either. A lie is deceitful and one of the most powerful (mis)uses of words.

It is a a value, a moral, I expect of others and more importantly, demand of myself. If I can’t be truthful with myself how can I expect to have the relationships I seek in life?!? It’s almost an oxymoron for some.

It speaks volumes about people….how they lie. When they lie. What they lie about. The latter is the least important. People deserve better. You should expect better of yourself.

I will admit I’ve been on both ends of lying. I don’t know what is worse for the soul. For what it’s worth, I can at least say I’ve never told a life altering lie. But a lie is a lie and it reeks havoc. I do know that it takes a little piece of you every time it happens. I do know it’s one of the most hurtful things that can occur. I do know you can never gain back what you lost with the lie (you can start over and rebuild but you can’t have the same as before). I do know you walk around disconnected with a heavy heart. I do know your shoulders carry a big burden. I do know it can be prevented or stopped.

It is worse though when you *know* someone is lying and you give them many outs, but they continue to mislead you. I have been there. I don’t want to go back there. I don’t want to see good friends put in that position either. It just breeds anger and mistrust. It’s like a big ol’ slap in the face where the sting never quite leaves…the redness may fade over time but that exact moment remains in your mind forever.

Lying opens doors and usually windows that should never be opened…ones that were meant to be closed forever. One mustn’t respect themselves and more importantly, doesn’t respect their friends-their family-their significant others, much to lie to every person who cares about them.

A lie breeds evil. It’s never just a lie. It never ends at one lie. It’s the beginning of the end if you don’t stop it. It distorts reality.

There has always been one quote that has stood out in my mind. A man named Oliver W. Holmes said this many, many moons ago:

Sin has many tools, but a lie is the handle that fits them all.

Just remember that.


  • shannon

    wow…did you catch someone in a lie? I feel slightly guilty now, though i prefer the method of not giving out information. I’m not lying, ppl just haven’t asked the appropriate question. Yes i put on weight…lol.

  • Laura

    Maybe…lying makes me angry none the less. But I guess I’ll have to let it run it’s course and hopefully it’ll work itself out.

    Not giving out info isn’t lying…I do that too. 😉 That’s different. hehe

  • Jillian

    wow reading this blog made me realize what we talked about last term and when you made me feel better. Iagree that lies are a bad thing and it hurts, just tell the truth.

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