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Today is the day dreaded by many


Quite possibly the most over-advertised, over-used marketing ploy of this season. It makes me want to gag. Past roommates and friends used to share candy and give valentines to each other and laugh at the people running around ‘freaking out’ about what they did or didn’t get. “Valentine lovers” would always look and laugh and act like we didn’t understand. That we couldn’t get it. They would say “once you have a boyfriend you’ll understand. It’s about so much more. *insert girlie voice & giggle here*”

Well, I have one up on that. I have a husband and I still don’t care for the day. So :p. I like the candy and cute cards but people getting cards and computers and ipods, etc that seems like so much. Kudos to them, but not for me.

It’s still an overrated “holiday.” It’s not even a damn holiday. Maybe I would like the day better if I didn’t have to go to work, school, etc. I better feel loved and cared for, for more than one day of the year. I don’t need a big expensive present, on a day that is dictated to us to know that John cares for me. Flowers are overpriced for one day anyway. Restaurants are packed and overpriced too. It just oozes all the things I make fun of all year. So why would I, for one day, put all that teasing aside and become “one of them.” C’mon people say no to the “cheese.” 😉 We’ll celebrate what Valentine’s stands for when we feel like it. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against romance and showing you care for people. I think Valentines was a great idea when it first came out. I just have a feeling that it has become completely overblown…too commercialized. Some people spend more time caring about what they are going to get their significant other than the actual person and the time they spend on the day. I wouldn’t like anything more than a homemade card and a quiet night at home.

Here’s our plans for today: John is making dinner here at the apartment for me, or so he says. But I’m the one with the day off so the tables may turn. We’ll have to wait and see. We’ll go out sometime for dinner when we feel the urge. We won’t go because we are “supposed to.” For gifts we are exchanging a note/letter. It’s going to be our “tradition.” No gifts. Just a well thought out letter. I’ll take that any day. It takes thought. It’s something we used to before we became too busy so now we are taking our time back and shifting the focus to where it should be. That may sound cheesy to some people I suppose…but it’s all in the eye of the beholder! lol But if that’s cheesy you should have seen the card I made John the first year we were dating. It was a ladybug with movable wings and the verse was written on the body under the wings. It was even coloured by my hands and decorated with foam hearts for spots. Oh to be a preschool teacher again!

So just be yourself. If you are normally lovey-dovey and oozing cheese then do so (just please don’t subject me to it). If you are like me and laid back and don’t overly care then don’t change either. If you want to throw a big party and celebrate your love, that’s cool too. Do whatever floats your boat.

So yea, there’s my tirade for this Valentine’s season. Somethings never change…

Just let people know you care for them and keep the cheese to yourselves please and thank you!

PS: I still :love: John


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