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What are people thinking

People out here baffle me.  Many times you hear people saying that people out East are “backwards” and “ignorant” and all those good things.  But honestly, some people out here don’t hold water to stories I’ve heard back East.  I’m sure I’ve touched on the open ignorance and racism that seems to be widely prevalent and almost accepted out here. But that isn’t something I’m going to rant about again…at least not right now.

What am confused and baffled about is the issue some groups and individuals have against doulas.  Like seriously what is the issue.  It’s empowering labour support. When we first met with my doula we were just talking and she mentioned she used to give out her address but had people show up at her door at 3am wanting help and other let’s call them crazies would show up the door to verbally accost her and what she does.  I was stunned. Then I became even more stunned over the weekend.

It was our local stampede here this past week/weekend and my doula sets up a booth for her and her business. I guess a woman came up to her booth and beat up/tried to break her baby doll (it’s very life-like and a teaching tool).  It’s very expensive and very cool.  This woman went on to bash what she does and call her an abomination and all the good things you would not want to be called. When I read about it, I was stunned. Plain and simple.

Like what are these people/crazies thinking?!

I’d like to know what their rationale is. What they think the problem with doulas are. What their problem with their job is? It’s not like they do unethical or immoral things.

They are there to support couples and women to bring life into this world as comfortably as possible.  They reduce the rate of c-sections and interventions dramatically.  They are able to help with pain management by suggesting positions, massage, counterpressure, support, and consistency.  Consistency is very important. They are there no matter how long it takes unlike the nurses and Doctors who go through shift changes.  Tell me how these people deserve to be treated badly and accosted.

It honestly makes no sense to me.

That is all.

For now.


  • Lisa

    That is horrible! I totally plan on having a doula next time round. It’s an added person in your corner who knows what they are talking about. I hate to say it but some people are so :censor: closed minded and uneducated. A doula is not a hippie people! She is a trained professional…who do people think helped bring babies into the world well before hospitals and ob/gyns? Midwives and doulas that’s who!

  • J

    from a guys point of view I loved having her in the room. I know that MH is a pretty small place but she knew everyone on a first name basis that came in and out of the room. and honestly she didn’t only take care of Laura too she made sure I was alright. We will definitely be having a doula again…

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