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When the husbands away, the wife will…


So I’m in a funk. But not a funk at the same time. I don’t feel sad or lonely or indifferent about life. It’s my body. It’s in a funk. It’s gaining weight slowly over the last month and I have no idea why. And I can’t stop it. It’s been 3 lbs in 16 days. Not cool. Not cool at all.

I’m beyond frustrated.

I don’t know what changed.

Usually I lose weight when I’m happy and around friends and family.

It’s not like the weather is cold causing my body to go into winter hibernation mode.

But my body is starting to store it’s winter pudge. And it’s months until winter here. I think I’m going to join the gym with John. Get active. But I won’t do that until his field work is gone because I don’t want to go late at night or by myself….unless I gain copious amounts of weight in the coming weeks. Then I’ll have to take it into my own hands all by myself at the scary gym.

I wish I had an elliptical machine. But at the same time I don’t. What if we spent all that money and I didn’t use it. Plus we have no where to put it. The basement is the only real spot but it’s unfinished and cold so that is a no-go for the moment.

Maybe once we get around to finishing the basement. But I doubt it. I’d rather pay for a gym membership for the winter months and then cancel in the summer months.

But back on point. I was whining about my chubs. There is nothing that you can do. Nothing I want you to do or say. I just want to type. Let you all know that yes, I have gained some weight in case you noticed in pictures and just didn’t want to say. So now you can stop wondering.

I just tend to ramble when John isn’t around to listen to my crazy goings on.

He’s working his tail off. Sun up to sun down. And he comes home and helps with supper and keeps our house clean. I can’t take any compliments on the state of our house at the moment. I came home one day from work, and the house was immaculate. One of the many reasons I love him.

I may have lost it on him at lunch for no real reason. I don’t know why I did. I did and I might not have been very nice….or sane for that reason. But I soon realized my mistake and reached out and apologized.

Yes, I do apologize.

Oh man, this hockey shootout is awesome. It took 5 players on each team and the Leafs finally put an end to those Red Wings. It’s looking a bit promising this year. At least with overtime and shootouts. Especially shootouts. That was their Achilles heel last season and they’ve won the 2 shootsouts they have had this preseason season. So that is good. Makes for interesting hockey at least. Even if they don’t do so well this season and don’t make the playoffs, they at least better make the games interesting. Rough and tumble and some good offense. If they win, and make the playoffs, it’s the icing on the cake.

Well, I’m going to go now. I could write all night but no one wants to read that nonsense. So there you have it folks. My ramblings for now.

J–hurry up and get home please. It’s almost 9 now and I know you are tired and you driving while tired worries me to no end.

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