2009,  random

Oh where, oh where is little Miss Laura

Plain and simple explanation.

My computer died.

I have no laptop.

All we have is John’s 1999 special that is REALLY slow and attached to the tv to watch our downloaded stuff.  It’s actually paining me right now to be sitting on the floor with no back support and have a keyboard on my lap and mouse on the floor. And the best part of it all is that I am typing and the computer is like 3 words behind. So I don’t get to see my typos until I’m way ahead. Talk about annoying.  At least I’m almost perfect and rarely make mistakes. haha just kidding

But in all seriousness I don’t really have that much to blog about but it’s mainly the whole, I don’t have a computer thing stopping me.  We have ordered a computer but it’s taking forever so this is what it’s down too. Quick checks of email and fb when I get home from work and at John’s work when I go there for lunch. That’s it.  I feel so disconnected from the outside world. lol Especially the world back East.  It sucks but hopefully the computer will be here next Friday like promised. If not, I’m going to go insane.

I have a long weekend this weekend and this is when I’m going to notice the computers absence the most I bet. I could be updating my website layouts, adding pics, adding new blogs, etc  but instead I’m just sitting back and waiting. And hopefully going to have a fun weekend here in the Hat with John. I don’t know what we are going to do but hopefully something to keep us sane.

Oh as a side note….we finally went “out” last weekend and had a pretty good time! It was expensive but oh so worth it! We haven’t been out since we got here really so this was a long time coming. I think we have some pictures….maybe they’ll make their appearance once I’m able to download pictures from my camera.

Well boys & girls, ladies & gentlemen I must be off. Work is calling.

Happy Friday the 13th!

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