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25 Facts

You can decide if they are interesting without me being so presumptuous to say “interesting facts” about myself. I’ve been tagged in so many of these on facebook and each time I say to myself, “Self…you should do one of those…you love to procrastinate…you like things like this” but I never get around to doing it.

Plus, I don’t feel like I’m that interesting….life sure has gotten “boring” in the past so many years. I guess that’s what happens when you get old and people get busy and their focus isn’t pure procrastination and having fun. hehe

So here I go. This is going to take some major thought on my part. I think everyone already knows my facts so I’ve got to be creative and do some heavy thinking.

  1. I had a cabbage patch doll in the 80s when they were ridiculously hard to get. Not so interesting eh, but her name was Amy. But not really…it was either Priscilla or Patricia and when I got it I thought that name was too hard or long or something so I changed it on her “birth certificate”.
  2. The best smell in the world is the beach. Fresh saltwater…oh I how I miss that.
  3. I helped produce the rubber that is your michelin tires. Just think, my hands and brain were responsible for the quality that you are trusting while driving around on the streets. I sadly know too much about it,how heavy each roll was and how many slices went into each roll.
  4. I sometimes wonder if we’ve made a mistake.
  5. I honestly believe overly optimistic/cheery people have mental defects. It’s not the ones who are “realists.”
  6. I idealize the mob. I love mob shows, movies, news clips. It intrigues me.
  7. I’m ridiculously shy. People mistake my lack of eye contact as me being a biotch but I’m just really shy. It is possible to be really loud and shy at the same time.
  8. When I look in the mirror, all I see is the chubs. I honestly believe I’m fat…but I know that I’m not. Confusing but it’s the truth.
  9. Iron Chef America is one of the greatest shows on TV.
  10. I just recently overcame an intense fear of fireworks.
  11. People say if you never try, you’ll never succeed. But I feel that If you never try, you won’t get hurt. Somehow I’ve gotten through life and am succeeding and I’m still getting hurt so it’s a walking conundrum.
  12. I was on the ATV News when I was young and it scared the crap out of me.
  13. I remember the weirdest little clips of my childhood and things people have said.
  14. Crown Royal with Sussex Gingerale is the bees knees.
  15. I have a new found love of Cream Cheese and Onions. But not together, obviously…unless it’s onion dip made by my hubby.
  16. I like country music.
  17. I am a die-hard Leafs fan and honestly believe the hockey gods will let me see them win the cup in the coming years.
  18. Refer to #14. I love using corny sayings…especially ones that rhyme.
  19. The Metallica concert was the best concert I have ever been to. It overwhelmed me.
  20. I don’t miss people as much if I minimize contact. It’s my defense mechanism.
  21. I cry every single time I watch The Notebook.
  22. The most peaceful hours are the ones when a snowstorm is ending. There is snow piled high everywhere, and light puffy snow is falling and everything is muffled. So tranquil.
  23. I love being scared. I love that feeling of pure fear.
  24. I really wish I could sing.
  25. Baking is my way of coping. I’m kind of like Izzy Stevens that way. I could bake myself out of house and home and I know I’m good at it.

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  • shannon

    no ur def not chubs, not even close, i’d kill for ur legs. and u forgot to mention ur like of the colour pink which i think is one of those defining charactteristics, part of ur girly side šŸ˜›

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