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Work’s Out for Summer

No more work for me! YAHOOOOOO!

This has been an awesome start to my 2 month summer vacation! Drinking, dancing, beach, bonfire, volleyball, frisbee, pool. And that is my life since last Thursday!! 🙂 I have slowed it down though…my body can’t handle all that excitement. I need more recoup time than I remember. lol I’ll take’r easy for the next little while but I’m going to start travelling next Sunday. Stellarton and Halifax here I come!

I’m finally going to update the photo gallery too so keep your eye on that and check it out!

“I miss you…miss you so bad…I don’t forget you…oh it’s so sad…I hope you can hear me…I remember it clearly…the day, you slipped away…was the day, I found it won’t be the same….” Happy Birthday. I love you.

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