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relaxing…tattoos…nothing out of the ordinary

Well, the first week of no working has come and gone and wow, I can get used to this. haha I haven’t done too much of anything this week but I definitely needed it. I’m heading home tomorrow sometime and then I’ll be in Halifax from Sun til at least Tuesday. I’ll be at the Prince George for one night and then Chateau Boutiliter for one…as long as there are no complications of any sort I should be back to Moncton Tuesday night or Wednesday sometime. But, GUESS WHAT!? I’m finally going to be getting the second tattoo that I’ve been talking about since forever and it’s the original design….all I’ll say for now is that it’s my Robertson crest with other stuff on my lower back. I don’t think Mom is going to like this very much but at least she knows about this one. The last one was a surprise that she found out about before I wanted her to. lol But it’s tasteful, one of a kind, and very personal…can’t beat it. My name won’t always be Robertson but that’s where the beginning is rooted…Robertson and Scottish to the bone. 😉 (Well a little Irish mixed in there somewhere and that will be reflected too).

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