16 Sleeps…

until we leave for home.

17 until we are actually home. Although I doubt I’ll do much sleeping with a 30lb toddler on my lap. Sleep on airplanes is crap anyway. Can you imagine if the plane is full and I have no where to put E. I’m going to die. LOL

Very excited.

I wish J was able to come with us though. It’s going to be “weird” to be away from him that long with E.

I’m still holding out hope for the weather. FX!


  • shannon

    30 already…holy moly nolan is a steady 45…u have biceps of steal yet? best of luck with the plane laura I had one good experience and one horrible one!

    • LJ

      ha ha Yea 30 is heavy for a kid his age I think. I hope I’ve got ripped arms because of him. But I don’t think so. šŸ˜›

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