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So the word is out. We are taking the Maritimes by storm come August 25th. Well J isn’t coming with but E & I will be there with bells on. We arrive that morning and leave the evening of Sept. 7th. We are going to spend the first day resting and recouping from travel and then head to Moncton then we’ll spend the second half of our trip home in Stellarton. I can’t wait.

Although, I’m hoping I get some summer weather because I want to take E to the beach and to parks and out on walks. I realize it’s been a pretty crappy summer in the weather department but that better change. I don’t need it to be hot and humid. Just a nice summer’s day. At least for the majority of our time there.  It doesn’t seem like too much to ask but reading statuses on facebook and seeing the weather reports, it very well might be asking too much. We’ll just wait and see and hope.

So not much new has been going on in my world in Medicine Hat. E is still growing and exploring and getting into trouble. For instance, just today he decided to eat the pit in a plum. Yes, you read that right. The pit. He didn’t choke or anything on it. He just swallowed it. Now I get to wait and see if all will be well in a few days. Fun times. Fun times in Mommyland.

There has been a lot of news from back in the Maritimes from family and friends. Some good, some not so good, some great. But we are still making progress in every aspect so that’s all one can ask.

We’ve been enoying summer so far. The weather has been beautiful and we are getting out and about exploring and playing with E. We’ve been to almost every park in the city. Went swimming at the pool, Echo Dale, Elkwater, and in our backyard (he would rather play with the hose in the backyard than be near the pool at the moment though). Just the other weekend we went to the Downtown Chili Cookoff. It was a great time. A lot of chili (& salsa) though. But we made it through and E enjoyed himself (as seen below).

Not sure what to make of it
Loving it and looking for more ???

We are thinking about crossing the border into Montana in 2 weekends. This marks our 4th summer out here and we always say we are going to go but we never do. If we don’t go then we will be going before the snow flies. Mark my words. Too many sales and cheaper items to pass up any longer now that I’m at home and not working. Anything to expand the budget and change up the scenery is definitely welcome.

So August is setting out to be a busy, but fun, month for us! Bring it on!


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