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    Baby is the size of: a butternut squash (~18.7″ & ~5.5lbs) Stretch marks?: Cool story. This baby has been trying to bust out of my belly button (it really hurts) and the other morning was super intense. I was watching it in amazement when the little stink pushed so hard for so long that I literally watched a stretch mark form in my belly button. I must admit, it was kind of cool to see. Sleep: All good in this neighbourhood Best moment this past week: J and E made us some St. Paddy’s day cupcakes with green icing. They were delicious.  Then watching E eat them. Every bite or lick…

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    Baby is the size of: a Chinese Cabbage (~2.5lbs) and ~14.8″ long. Stretch marks?: I think I’m earning my tiger stripes! Sleep: I’m loving night time. I sleep so soundly. I only wake up when I have a low and hopefully that is over and done with. Best moment this week: Seeing you move around like crazy on the ultrasound and hearing the words that all is going perfectly! So far the 2VC and Diabetes hasn’t affected anything! Phew! Miss Anything?: Cinnamon Buns. All the other preggo Mom’s have been going on about them and it’s just too much sugar for me. Movement: It hasn’t slowed down that’s for sure. You definitely have a lot of…

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    Baby is the size of: Length of an Ear of Corn or size of a Large Mango (~just over a pound) Stretch marks? Luckily none yet. Sleep: It’s pretty good. I am waking once a night, which is good because I’m having nighttime insulin issues so it allows me to test mid-night so we have an idea what is going on. Best moment this past week: Christmas Eve/Day with J and E. E seemed to “get it” this year and was a joy on Christmas. It took him hours to open his gifts but he loved every toy and every minute of it. Miss Anything?: I wanted a Strawberry Daiquiri or Orange Julius (non-virgin). I…

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    Baby is the size of: Length of a Spaghetti Squash and ~1lb. Our ultrasound agreed and this baby measured exactly454g (exactly 1lb) Total weight gain/loss: As of today I’ve gained +5.5lbs in the last month so now I’m up 10.2lbs. I’m scared what Christmas might do! HAHA Stretch marks? Not yet my friend. Sleep: Can’t get enough! Best moment this past week: 2, yes TWO, in-depth ultrasounds! It was great getting to see Bean so much and for so long and in so much detail. But we found out that baby has a 2 vessel cord. Just a small complication that usually means nothing but we’ll see what the growth ultrasounds and…

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    Puppy Love

    Some people have asked if we ever regretted getting a dog. I can honestly say no. More honestly some days I think how much easier things (i.e. travel) would be but then I’d miss the interaction between E and Scotia. I must also admit, I do like being pregnant for the simple fact that the dog actually pays attention to me. Well, curls up and sleeps by my side or feet depending on where I am sitting. She doesn’t do this when I’m not pregnant for some reason. I have admitted that if we found out we were expecting E the weekend before we wouldn’t have made that trip to…


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