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5 Months Old

Today my N turned 5 months old! 5 months! Where is the time going?

He has had a very busy couple weeks. It’s like all of a sudden he wants to start to “catch up” and do the things other babies his age take for granted and do.

He laughs and laughs when he’s tickled.

He began opening his mouth and chewing on his fingers. He’s opening his mouth more to cry.

He took a soother and held it in his mouth for 1 minute. He may not have sucked much but he didn’t push it right back out like he always did before.

His head control is getting so much better. It happened overnight it seems. We put him in his bumbo and his head still bobbles a bit but not much. He can hold it up and look around.

He’s also doing so much better with tummy time!

He can lift his head and he’s starting to use his hands & arms to push up. He’s getting a lot of leverage and pushing his chest way up high. He’s getting stronger folks. Now we just need to work on endurance. He can do it for very short bursts but he grows tired very quickly and goes to sleep. But it’s a start.  I was so excited to watch him use those muscles.

He’s fascinated with his hands. They are his favourite “toy” at the moment.

He tried to pull his socks off this morning.

All this in a few short weeks. He is determined and continues to amaze me each & every day!

Watch out world!

Shock & Awe, Noah. Shock & Awe!

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  • Mom

    How great is that! He certainly is a determined little boy and that is great! I’m sure he’ll continue to surprise and amaze us all as he grows. The sky’s the limit for Noah! Love you lots little man….hugs and kisses, from Nannie

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