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Happy Birthday Mom.

I have really missed you even more than I thought I could in these past 3 weeks. I like to think you’re watching over, maybe cuddling that sweet baby of ours, maybe eating chocolate cake with boiled frosting and listening to Johnny Reid. I pulled out ingredients to make cupcakes for you today but for some reason I just couldn’t do it. I put everything back away and just went downstairs and melted into the couch. I made sure to tell the kids it was your birthday today, even if we didn’t have cake I wanted them to know. I did make them Rice Krispie squares and John made them their favourite….pizza. They totally forgot the conversation we had I’m sure but I remembered all day and had quiet moments of remembrance & celebration in honour of you pushing back my tears. So happy birthday to you. I miss you.


  • Carol Holowachuk

    Happy Birthday, Kath. We were born a month apart – she being one month younger and which Kathryn took immense joy in teasing me about being older. Yes, how she loved to tease, tell jokes, and laugh. When she was in her 50s a neighbour and friend (a male) wanted her to be careful around the men folk. When Kathryn was telling me about the conversation she said you are going to laugh about this, Carol. She said he told her she is a good-looking woman – then she told me , get this,Carol. He said I am a good-looking woman , no raving beauty, but a good-looking woman! How we laughed about the raving beauty description. I beg to differ with her neighbour – Kathryn is a raving beauty where it counts. I think if your dear Mother were here, she would want you to grieve your losses but also to to have joy and laughter in your life. Your Mother had so many battles in her life, as do you, she was one of the strongest people I have ever known. I think you are just like her.

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