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Another gender test prediction

Last time I was so sure E was a boy. My dreams said boy. I had no doubts I was having a boy. This time I’m not as certain so I’m having fun with all the old wives tales and gender prediction things.  My dreams and initial reaction after finding out I was pregnant was girl. Then I saw the bean on the u/s and instinctively started calling it “him/he”. Is it because I already have a boy or my mind trying to tell me my dreams were wrong. I guess we’ll find out when we find out.

But, the test today involves adding a spoonful of baking soda to some pee. If it fizzes it’s supposed to mean boy and if it doesn’t it’s a girl.  Well, there was 1 air bubble and that’s it. It was flat, flat, flat.  Wonder if it’s right. But either way it’s fun trying to figure it out! 😉

That’s right, I peed in a cup for fun and added baking soda to it. haha

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