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Another Rant *Sigh*

I’m just so…so…so….AHHHHHHH! I’m frustrated and disappointed in myself (even though I have no reason to be). I had that final I was dreading today…from the psychotic prof. Well I managed to get through the 22 chapters, 5 online readings, and a complete other text (100 pages). I knew this stuff inside and out! There was no stopping me! I even knew the images in the text like she asked!

One would think that would be enough, no not quite. There were images on the exam, about half of them that weren’t in the text. I have no idea where she got them. Then the exam essays (2) were supposed to be cumulative so I spent this morning reviewing pre-midterm stuff—WHAT A WASTE OF MY TIME!! The essays had nothing to do with first half of the semester and did not gauge the stuff we learned throughout the whole semester. What a crock. A whackjob she is. I worked days only on this to have it basically blow up in my face. I wasn’t the only one…everyone but a few were upset and a couple even cried. I only missed 2 classes all semester and some people who never went are going to upstage me for sure. Now I’m just worried about passing since the final was 50% of my final grade…I was aiming for the Honour Roll but I think this course flubbed that up.

I know I shouldn’t be disappointed because I did the best I could….I worked really hard….it might not be that bad…blah blah. But still I can’t shake it, I feel like I let myself down almost. It’s kinda pitiful really. Just goes with everything else…I’ve been feeling like crap in most aspects anyways. Stressed, chubby, frustrated, chubby, lethargic, chubby…ok, before people complain I know I’m not ‘fat’ but I’m allowed to feel like it sometimes and feel like a chubby-bunny. I’ll get over it.

Well there is another vent post on my part…I swear I’ll have a good one soon!! LOL

Catch you on the flip-side.

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