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As promised…

It may be a few days late but it’s here nevertheless.

The first NKOTB “concert” in 15 years or something like that. It was a gongshow. I laughed and laughed. Oh the memories, but the voices definitely do not sound as good as before….and can one even say they had good voices before without cracking a smile.

I don’t think I can.

It was a huge part of my childhood, I’ll give you that. But. man, they are so friggin old.

They even did the synchronized dancing we have them to blame for all the other boy bands like that. They even broke it down “old skool”. Bahahahaha!!!!

There were like 4 segments but the one, the first one, was of most interest to me and anyone else who loved these guys.

So without further adieu, NKOTB on the Today Show on May 16th.

Just wait for it….taking a trip down memory lane. The first 3:30 is the money shot…


  • Jillian

    omg this was such a laugh…..i cant believe that we used to listen and watch them…i get a laugh out of looking at the audience watching them….

    • Laura

      Definitely, I was pointing and laughing at them. They were my age and older and the one woman they zoomed in on belting it out just made me laugh harder. I was a fan, a big one, but really this might be a little much. hehe

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