2008,  AB

Kind of pointless

So it’s only 10:13 and I have been sitting here struggling to stay awake. I’m not sure why I *have* to stay awake because the internet bores me, I don’t want to play Wii, I don’t want to go for a walk and I don’t want to watch my downloaded tv. I don’t really have anything else to do.

I suppose I could be making lists for packing. I could be loading the dishwasher.  I could be prepping for next week at work/our mini vacation. But alas, I’m here on the couch after watching Law & Order.

I spent some time this evening looking more deeply into the place we are moving.  It looks pretty enough. It’s the sunniest city in Canada. It has the most parks per capita in Canada (over 100 for example). It has a cool landmark. You’ll be seeing lots of pics of it I’m sure. It “experiences the lowest combined tax rate in Canada, the lowest utility rates in Alberta and an enviable climate. Known as the “oasis of the prairies”, Medicine Hat is also Canada’s sunniest city”. So not too shabby. Although, in July 06, the first evidence of West Nile in AB was found in mosquitoes in this area. But seriously, it’s not that big of a deal.  NB has Lime Disease…heck, we even know someone who has had it here. I don’t think one is really worse than the other. Ok, enough about that…did you know there is a big moose statue in the city. Awesome. It has over 2,500 hours of sunshine per year. It also had the highest number of days without rain.  Not too shabby yet again.

Ok, this is pointless and rambling so I should head to bed.

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