2011,  BabyA2012

BabyA v.2012…is that you?

I swear I felt you moving this morning (probably around 9:30am). I was sitting on the couch watching E play and had Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on in the background and way down low on the right side I felt these little bubbles popping. It caught me off guard. I so wish the Doppler was close because I would have stuck it on there and that would have told me if it was kicks/punches. Instead I just laid my hand there and enjoyed. I obviously couldn’t feel anything but shortly after placing my hand on the blips the feeling stopped. I just felt 2 pops again a couple minutes ago (around 4pm), except this time it was mid-line but way down low.

I feel like it’s too early to feel anything but at the same time I “know” it feels like a baby. I’ve heard of second timers feeling things late T1 and early T2 so maybe it is you. I’d like to think it is. I really feel like it is you letting me know you are growing strong in there.

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  • Kathryn

    I think it is the baby too. Reading your words made me choke up as I could feel the awe and tenderness you feel toward this wee one. Here I go again, but I can’t help it, it brings back memories. I enjoyed my pregnancies so much with you 3 and I can tell you do too. Not much in life is close to the feeling of carrying a life …there are some things but that ranks right up there I’d say. Enough of me being soppy, but I had to say it. love, Mom

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