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Basement Reno: The end is in sight.

Well ladies and gents. This is the week that the basement is done. Well done enough for now. It’s been a looooong time coming with many setbacks but J has been pounding away at it in hopes of getting the majority finished before Baby#2 makes their appearance. Plus, our permit is up the end of this month so we wanted it far enough along that we’d get a final inspection pass and be done with that aspect.

The plan was to be able to put it all back together tonight but it’s been bumped by at least a day. We had a slight issue with 5 or 6 tiles that needed weird cuts. Our angle grinder wouldn’t cut them so it set us back but then J remembered he has access to a wet saw and they got done quickly this AM. Now to lay the last finishing tiles tonight and then grout tomorrow. We are going to get the moulding and carpet for the bedroom installed later and buy the proper light fixtures but really, close enough. We have a tiled bathroom, laundry room, hallway and a second fully functioning bathroom. Well we will by Sunday once the grout can be walked on again. Just in the nick of time.

Now to get the house out of reno mode and clean in time for baby#2. We are going to work really hard at it this week because E came in 1 week and 1 day from now and I’m hoping this one won’t follow in E’s footsteps. But I want to be ready just in case.

I will share some pictures later, probably on the weekend, but J has done an amazing job I think and all those super long nights of hard work are paying off. Hopefully it’s all done in time to have a few nights of a normal bedtime to bank some energy for a newborn soon.

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