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Busy weekend.

A weekend full of Christmas parties and snow.

My party was Friday and John’s was Saturday.  Mine was sans the spouse but his included me.

Funny thing. Both were catered by the same company so my meals were very similar. Although, I liked John’s better I do believe because he had Chicken cordon bleu and ours didn’t. But both were amazing. You can’t beat not having to cook and get something “homecooked”.

Another funny thing. I was drawn first for the raffle prizes at work. I had lots to choose from but ended up choosing an Avon Santa decoration. It’s beautiful and I love it. It’s all white and kind of the “old fashioned Santa” with a toy sack and it has a light shimmery covering of glitter. The bottom/front of his outfit is cut out and there is 3 led lights on the inside that change colour. It is so hard to explain. It actually sounds quite tacky by the way I’m describing it but it’s not. I’ll just have to remember to take a picture. 🙂

So yea, it was pretty sweet.

Then here comes Saturday. I have a black dress and really nice red flats that I was going to wear. Well, around 4pm I try both on and the shoes do not work with the dress. So in the middle of cold snap/blizzard out we head to the mall to find shoes to go with my dress or a dress to go with my shoes. lol I find my stuff and get John a nice shirt (sans a tie I might add, because the tool at the Bay that was supposed to be helping us to pick a tie must have been colour blind). We cabbed it.

Had a great meal. Lots of free drinks. Bought raffle tickets.  Listened to a comedien. Bought more drinks. WON the prize we dropped our tickets into. A $400 basket with a Margaritaville Frozen Drink maker and a basket of alcohol that included all the ingredients to make Margarita’s from scratch.

We cleaned up. Very excited to try it out.

We never win anything and we won 2 nights in a row. What in God’s green Earth is going to happen to us now. We never win. But I’m basking it for now. It was hilarious.

So what’s everyone doing for New Years?! 😉  hehe

Edited to add a pic of us at the party

Focus Christmas Party


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