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    Cookies, turkeys, chow, Mitch Miller….

    *Mitch Miller Christmas playing in the background* Is it wrong that I push family away this time of year because I miss you. I know if I’m asking the question it is. But I can’t stop it. I will do whatever I can to avoid the hurt…the aching my heart feels…when I should be drawing closer, I pull away. It’s the way I’ve always been and that hasn’t changed I guess. I don’t think I want it to change either. I don’t want to. I don’t want people to talk to me about it either. I don’t want it acknowledged. I pretend everything’s ok. I sometimes forget it did happen.…

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    Dear 18 year old me

    Hi, it’s me. Laura. I’m now 26 years old…almost 27 and I felt that I needed, or you rather you needed, this letter. And no, I do not have kids. 26/27 is too early. I know what you always thought but frig, it’s too early. Bump up your “goals” by a few years. I wanted to give you some info or heads up about things you aren’t even aware of yet. But rest assured, it is me and I can prove it in 3 words. Dick and Pinky. So there that proves it, only Carli will remember what in the blue Hell I’m talking about. And for all the others…

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    Left or Right Brained?

    I saw this somewhere and thought it was cool. I meant to post it months ago but forgot about it. What are you? I’m right brained….as is John (so clockwise spinning). They say the majority sees counterclockwise so I guess we are original. Also, it says you can switch directions and yes it can be done. However, it took me and John forever to “see” it spin the opposite way. I did get it before John though. So yea, I’m right-brained. I think it describes me too (at least better than left). So what about you? The Right Brain vs Left Brain test … do you see the dancer turning…

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    Holy snow Batman!…Robin, to the Jeep!

    So we may have a white Christmas after all if this doesn’t melt away in the next 3 weeks. But I won’t hold my breath. This is the earliest in years I can remember substantial snowfall before Christmas. The past few have been green or the snow came right on Christmas. I spent today (all 10 hours) playing with the kids and the majority of the time we were in snowpants and new boots (that John so generously went out at bought for me in the am). I haven’t had to run through snow since I was like 13. Good times, good times. But, now at 8:37 pm I’m just…

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    Loving this weather

    So it’s our first ‘real’ snowfall of the season. The rest were just dustings or at most, 5cm. This time it’s promising. It’s already about 5cm on my car since lunch (so between 2-5). Hopefully it decides to stick around until Christmas. I would love to have feet upon feet of snow by then.  It’ll definitely help with the Christmas spirit. Which I’m not lacking this year. Our apartment is decorated and all it is missing is a tree. That’s on tap for next weekend I do believe.  I finally started (yes I only started) Christmas shopping on the weekend. I put a big dent in it too.  There’s still…


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