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    It’s been just over 6 months

    Check out my teeth.  Try to ignore the fuzziness that are my eyebrows. 😛 But back to my teeth. They are fricking straight and pearly white. Well, the top ones anyways. My bottom teeth is a slower process and I think there is a lot more strategic manoeuvrings to do. A lot more realigning and what have you. I still have a wicked overbite but it’s getting better. Again, very slowly. But progress is being made. The dentist is actually very impressed so far. I was asking him the prognosis and how long of a process this is.  He said typically 2 years, and more than likely 2 years but…

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    My New Torture Device

    I was loving, ok not minding the braces. But now I’m frustrated and annoyed and I just have 2 months under my belt. What has got my knickers in a knot you ask?! Well let me show you. First I’ll show you the progress. Click to enlarge. Ok, now that that is out of the way. Let’s let the “torture device” enter the conversation.  You probably are wondering what I’m talking about looking at that month2 picture. Luckily for you and me it’s pretty much hidden during conversation and smiling. But if I let out one of my hearty laughs or screams it’s there and right in your face. Check…

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    1 Month with my Metal

    Well with all the busy-ness that surrounded the house my teeth kind of got lost in the shuffle. But they are still moving. Still progressing. It’s been almost 2 months now (1 week from today will mark the second month) but lets rewind to about 1 month ago. It took me a minute to find an “old” picture that is front on that shows my “old teeth.” But I found one that I think is good for comparison sake. I’m definitely ready to get my new wire and braces on the bottom. The teeth seemed to have moved as far as they are going to with this wire. I’m ready…

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    Week 1 Comparison

    Other than the lighting difference there are a few differences.  People may not notice but I definitely have. Just ever so slightly. See if you can spot the differences. It’s like those games in the newspaper where you have to circle differences between 2 very similar photos. Answers can be seen below! 😉 [spoiler]1 – Yes my teeth are slightly whiter. Hard to tell in the photos since the first one had no flash and crappy lighting 2 – Look at the tooth beside my protruding front tooth. It’s out ever so slighty. It’s not hiding behind the big tooth anymore.  Soon the big tooth will be able to go…

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    Saturday Afternoon

    My mood has made a slight turnaround. I went with my conscience and hopefully it won’t come back to bite me in the ass. But whatever, I had to do what made me feel better and was the right thing. I just have to keep that in mind. I did the right thing without becoming a rodent. If you know what I’m sayin’. lol I had the weirdest sleep last night. It was like I was suffering from some form of narcolepsy. I was wide awake. J went to make dip and I don’t even remember being tired nor falling asleep.  Then I wake up at 7:30 and I’m wide…


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