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Saturday Afternoon

My mood has made a slight turnaround. I went with my conscience and hopefully it won’t come back to bite me in the ass. But whatever, I had to do what made me feel better and was the right thing. I just have to keep that in mind. I did the right thing without becoming a rodent. If you know what I’m sayin’. lol

I had the weirdest sleep last night. It was like I was suffering from some form of narcolepsy. I was wide awake. J went to make dip and I don’t even remember being tired nor falling asleep.  Then I wake up at 7:30 and I’m wide awake. I putter around on the world wide web and then suddenly became incompasitated with a feeling of tiredness and fell right back to sleep.  This happened like 3 or 4 more times until 11:30 when I actually hauled my butt out of bed and haven’t felt the overwhelming sensation to sleep yet.

Although, I do feel weird. Or off. I think it’s a lack of sugar. I haven’t had any sugar or natural sugars in like 48 hours and that always makes me head wonky. I just got a glass of nice cold rootbeer so hopefully this clears up my wonkiness.

J is at the gym and I had all intentions of having our sty cleaned or partially cleaned before he got back but I’m dizzy when I stand so it’s no good. Hopefully it goes away just as quick as it came. And why wouldn’t it, Rootbeer is my cureall. haha

I don’t know how I’m not going to go insane in our little condo until we move. Our space keeps getting smaller and smaller since we are packing boxes and stacking them in a corner by the table/kitchen.

But at least I can now say we will be in our house next month!  We do occassional drive-bys just to look at our house and make sure the gutter spouts are down. Plus, we have changed most of our mail over to the new address and have to go and check our mailbox. It’s all starting to get so real now. I wish it would go by faster!

I still have moments when I think “man, we should have bought the bigger house” instead of the house I love. But to spend all that money for “just in case” and thinking 5-whatever years down the road. Why pay more when it might take us those 5 years to “grow out” of the house. We’ll buy it if we need it.  Plus neither house is the forever house. I really see myself back East one day. I can’t imagine staying out here and raising children out here. A life without the ocean and trees nearby and the old history…it’s unimaginable for myself and hopefully for any children we will one day raise.

One plus in moving on the long weekend in May is that Jeff is going to make the 12.5 hour drive down to help us move and hang out. BBQ’s, drinks, moving/unpacking boxes. It’s going to be sweet! haha Hopefully it doesn’t rain all that weekend. 😛  We were going to have another set of friends as well (Kimball) but he now has to be in the field under the Monday after and we won’t want to wait and plus, the next weekend after that is his one-year anniversary. So it’s just going to be the 3 of us I do believe. Whatever. We decided to keep our place for the whole month instead of just the half so we can spread moving out over Fri & Sat and clean as we feel like it before the month is up.  Thought that was the better choice for sure!

Also this week marked my first week with braces. I’m almost forgetting that they are there now. It doesn’t hurt so much when I chew. The pressure is hardly there or hardly noticeable…whatever the case may be. And there has been a change in my teeth for sure. Probably cleaner than they ever were before. Brushing after everything I eat has it’s perks I suppose. Also, I notice a slight difference in how far my front tooth comes out/the side one is back. What is even more noticeable (well to me and J at least) is the brackets aren’t as un-even as before. They are still uneven but closer to being in a line….which is a good thing! I’ll try to remember to post a picture just to show, if I get around to re-sizing it and whatnot.

Holy crap! It’s already 3:15pm!!!! Where in the blue blazes did my afternoon go! Dear God. I’ve accomplished nothing and haven’t even watched any good tv.

I’d better get on that!

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