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Damn gluten. ???

So I’ve narrowed down the cause of my bloating. It’s one of two things….possibly two things…and I don’t like it. I don’t like it one bit.

I always thought it was bread (white bread) so I stopped eating that. But then I thought it could be starches in general but wasn’t sure as bread stopped ‘bloating me.’  However, after I eat pasta…specifically spaghetti, my favourite….my belly becomes the size of a beach ball and rock hard. It makes me not want to leave my house that is for sure.

So sadly, I may have to give up my spaghetti because this is unsightly and rather uncomfortable. Carli & I were hypothesizing a while back that it is a gluten allergy (mild or moderate, we are unsure) but I’m beginning to think so. I’ve been keeping a mental track and it’s not looking good. I would go crazy without eating my homemade spaghetti, but I’m going to fool around with the noodles and see if I can find something that works.

Note to self: Just never eat this food around strangers or before going out. I won’t look pregnant when I’m not at least. Also, need to get thyroid checked on again, it’s been too long.

Yes, I should make an appt. and maybe I will soon but really, until it became unbearable I wouldn’t stop eating this. LOL I’ll just sit back and complain about it and how much I hate it and can’t figure out what it is. lol

So what’s the point of this post. I have no idea. I just sat down and am taking a Wii break and I’m unhappy with this but it’s rather amusing as I look like I swallowed a beach ball whole.

On a more positive note, J & I have been walking almost every night. We have been walking to and from work and then going out after supper. So that’s a start.  I get lots of exercise with the kids and am outside all of the time, but it’s not fast-paced enough to make a difference. I think I need to add more calories to my daily diet as well, I don’t think I’m eating enough calories so body is retaining everything (esp. the good crap I put into it). hehe

Well back at’r.


  • Lisa

    Hey! Annette has a Gluten allergy. You can get pasta that is made with rice flour and it is actually really good so you might not have to give up your favorites after all!!! :vhappy: Now that I think about it I don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier…you have a lot of teh same things she used to complain about…..

  • Melissa

    Hey, You should talk to my mom. You know she is gluten free. There are lots of products out there, they are more expensive and taste different but you can still have pasta, bread, cereal’s ect..You also can get tested by a blood test. That is what I had to do because it actually runs in the family.

  • Laura

    Yea, I haven’t gotten around to getting the bloodtest yet… that is on tap for my next Dr’s appt. Oh fun stuff. That reminds me, I have to get John to call them tomorrow for me since he’s there.

    I know I won’t have to give up my favourite exactly…just a different variation of my favourites. I’m picky as Hell so I’m sure it wouldn’t go as smooth as someone who isn’t picky. hehe

  • Christy

    There is a variety of great gluten free products (Glutino is one brand that comes to mind). Dh works at a natural/organic food wholesaler and I have tried a lot of gluten stuff, and half of it is good and the other half…. welll….

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