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J’s last exam

So right now, J is sitting in C9 writing his last exam for his undergrad. I’m so proud! He’s going to come home happy, probably acting very subdued, and exhausted!!! It’s been a busy few weeks for him between assignments, finals, organizing a visit from my friends for my birthday, taking care of me, etc etc. He’s going to feel like dropping I’m sure. And the great guy that he is has volunteered to come in and work at the centre tomorrow. Well not volunteer exactly, as he’s getting paid, but you know what I mean. It’s J and he’s great!

I wish I had all the money in the world so I could buy him something awesome for this day. But alas, I’m not rich. I can’t even buy him a case of beer this week! lol I would buy him a new Jeep if he could have anything.

So in about an hour or hour and a half, J will be on his way home now having completed his Engineering degree!

Enjoy it J. Sit back and relax and feel the huge sense of relief!

I love you….. YOU MADE IT!!!!

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