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Day 12

Posted by on January 2, 2011

Still going strong.  Well not exactly strong, but still going nevertheless.

It’s brutal. I use a lot of modified moves. I try to use the full impact ones but it’s rare I can pull it off. I think I may be on level 2 more than 10 days at this rate. I won’t move on until I feel comfortable so the 30 day shred may turn into 35-40 day shred. haha

6 Responses to Day 12

  1. Lisa

    :vhappy: Great job at sticking with it!!!!

  2. Shannon S

    so how is it going? like can you see a difference already?

    • LJ

      It’s friggin rough. I *think* I see a difference in the tone of my arms and I feel better. No major progress though, but I have a feeling it could be because of breastfeeding, my body is preserving fat.

      • LJ

        hahaha I’m going to check my measurements at the end, 14 days left to go. *gulp*

  3. Shannon S

    let me know how it goes, my umm winter bulge has already started

    • LJ

      I think that’s part of my problem too. Friggin’ winter. 5lbs each winter… it usually goes away but we’ll see since this is the first winter post-baby.

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