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Describe yourself in 10 words

I’m a spontaneous, doula-using, breastfeeding, Co-sleeping, Baby-wearing, cloth diapering, Mother, Wife, Daughter, Bluenoser.

My how things have changed in a year. I wish I had this post from this time last year. It would not be remotely similar to this at. all. Some of those adjectives are ones I never thought I’d say about myself. But my how things change once you are a mother. I almost sound more “granola” than one might have thought I’d be but that’s how my cookie crumbles! 🙂


  • Dad

    A lot of these have recently changed, and some will or can change in the future. One that never will is being a proud BLUENOSER. love Dad

  • Lisa

    Well if you are granola then I’m a hippie!!!

    Motherhood changes everything….all of the things I said I would never do….I cringe thinking about how many of my own “rules” I’ve broken!

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