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Go vote for our little guy in our doula’s cutest baby contest! It only takes a second.

Here is the picture you would be voting on:E

How could you not do it by looking at this face!? LOL

Here’s how:

So you need a facebook account to vote.

You just need to go HERE and write the word ‘vote’. Then you are done.

See how easy that was! Oh yea, you might have to like the group before being able to vote, I dunno. So if you can’t comment that would be why. So just like the group, which you should anyway because Loree is awesome and I would never want to labour without her.

You can see all the entries by going to her WEBSITE and click the cutest baby contest link beneath the initial slideshow!

Oh yea. Other rules.

*You can only vote once

*You can’t say his name or anything that would identify him

*If it doesn’t say ‘vote’ in some way, the vote won’t count

*Voting begins today and ends October 31 @ 11:59 Alberta time.

*So pass this along to anyone who you think will vote and maybe help E win!

*There are 2 winners. One with the most votes and one that is voted on by an independent panel.

Edited: Removed links. Contest over. E won!!

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