2007,  School Talk


As I sit here at 4:05pm, just getting home from class, I’m still trying to grapple with what I just watched in class. It shouldn’t be anything that affected me but man, shock value has it’s tricks I guess.

I know the topic is normally a social taboo anyways…but never between my friends and I…but to have everything so out there and in my face was a little unsettling to say the least. The facts and stories and all that good stuff isn’t something I had problems with, it was the visual aids and art. Whoa. I don’t even know if ‘problem’ is the right word, but it shocked me and made me uncomfortable at times. (This coming from someone who took Human Sexuality last year and had to play ‘sex jeopardy’ and talk about everything in front of strangers. lol)

It did it’s job though. It got it’s point across. We had a good class discussion and I’m still thinking about it now, not able to remove most of the images from my mind. *shudder*

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