House Hunting Frustration

We are never going to find a house. We are going to be stuck in a house that is way too small forever. At least it feels that way.

There’s only been 1 that would have been perfect but it came available in November and well, November wasn’t the time to look at/buy a house and now that ship has sailed. I sigh every time I drive past the house.

We keep waiting and looking and searching. There isn’t much in our ideal range and once you add in preferred location it’s next to nothing. Although we are open to moving to a different area, it’s just a perk if it’s in the area we hope to be. Most older houses aren’t functional for Noah and therefore can’t be added to our short-list. They have step down family rooms/dens, lots of stairs (which we have already and are trying to get away from), and/or narrow hallways and doors that make turning in the walker impossible.

It doesn’t help that I refuse to list our house until there are options because had we listed our house when we started looking we would be homeless. Then that brings the next worry, the housing market is still so hot here and every one seems to be looking for what we are so why would a seller take our offer conditional on the sale of our house when many might just be able to go for it. But there is no way I feel comfortable listing and selling before there are houses available somewhere.

We were hoping to be moved by now but this next baby is definitely going to be here before we find one I think. Moving with a newborn is not going to be fun or ideal but if it means we find “our” house I don’t mind.

We’ve been randomly looking since May of last year and started seriously looking in early this year and we are still here in the same spot without options. It’s so stressful.

The house is out there somewhere but I’m getting tired of searching and waiting and hoping. I need all the house buying (and selling) vibes one can get. So send them my way.

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