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    C’s Birth Story *LONG*

    Short Version: Sunday 5:47AM – Messaged our Doula (L) to tell her I thought things were going to happen today because I woke with a rock hard stomach and just had a feeling 9:07AM – Having signs early labour was starting & we started messaging friends to find childcare for the boys 11:02AM – Messaged a friend to come over so we would be ready when it was time 11:03AM – Texted our Doula to let her know I was now having regular contractions (4-6min apart & 45sec-1min in duration) & managing well 11:08AM – I decided we should get Doula to come over 11:13AM – Friend arrived 11:19AM – Doula arrived 11:38AM – Leave…

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    On the day I should be grateful and thankful for all the sacrifices men and women have made to give us the freedom we, and my children, have (and I am grateful, I truly am) all I can think about is the life how I knew it ceased to exist one year ago today. How sometimes I want to forget that today even exists. One year ago today I woke up knowing what was facing me in the coming hours and I was scared. Devastated. Trembling. Feeling isolated even though I was surrounded by my brothers and their family and my Mom’s closest friends. Waiting. Waiting for the moment I never wanted to…

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    9 years

    *Be forewarned, potential to be mushy* 9 years married today. 12 years together, 7 cars/Jeeps/vans, 3 apartments, 2 degrees, 3 provinces, 1 house (hopefully 2 sooner than later), 1 dog, and 3.5 kids (he he) later I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else by my side learning how to navigate this crazy thing called life that we have. My rock, my love, my best friend, my source of endless frustration and laughter. I knew that 9 years ago today I was making the choice I was meant to make and walked down that aisle without any fear or reservation. We’ve had highs higher than highs and lows lower than lows and it’s not the end of…

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    House Hunting Frustration

    We are never going to find a house. We are going to be stuck in a house that is way too small forever. At least it feels that way. There’s only been 1 that would have been perfect but it came available in November and well, November wasn’t the time to look at/buy a house and now that ship has sailed. I sigh every time I drive past the house. We keep waiting and looking and searching. There isn’t much in our ideal range and once you add in preferred location it’s next to nothing. Although we are open to moving to a different area, it’s just a perk if…

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    24 week update

    We have reached viability! Another goal down! Next up is week 34 so we won’t have any worries about needing to be transferred to Calgary. Then it is above 36 weeks to avoid extra NICU time here and then we will see if I can pass my all-time pregnancy record of 38w3d. 😀 But here is the most recent glimpse of BabyA 2015: We had our last “extra” testing up in Calgary and all checked out with the heart and were cleared from their MFM. Well from what we can see and were told it’s good but all checked out with N as well, and well, we know how that…


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