2008,  reflection

Howdy y’all

Well here I am. 10:13pm. Sitting here in the dark living room bored out of my ever loving mind. But I have this nagging pain in my mid-section. I thought I was able to stop taking my prevacid but I guess I was wrong.

Lesson learned.

This is like the week that never ends but at the same time is going by lightning fast. Such a weird feeling.

I’m feeling like crap about my slight weight gain but not motivated enough to actually do something about it. There’s something to be said for chasing kids for 8 hours and not having the energy to exercise at home. There is a strong correlation.

I’m really excited about the weekend. J & I are going away. Time to runaway. We both have Monday off so it’s an extended weekend for us. I’m sure I’ll have stories and pictures on another day.

I’m thrilled that I paid off a loan.

I’m really sad that I’m missing meeting one of my best friends new “love of their life”. Babies grow so fast.

I’m pissed about shinanigans that went on last week.

I love the roses I came home to yesterday for no good reason. The smell I’m breathing in now spreads a smile over my face. I have such a great husband.

I’m yearning for the spa treatment J booked for us. It’s much needed. I’ll come back a completely different person. Well-rested and relaxed.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about anything and everything and where I fit into this world.

I have the body of a 27 year old and the ambition of a 27 year (I doubt that is a good thing) but I don’t “feel” 27. I keep forgetting how much older I am than most people at work and most people that I meet. I feel like I am the same age but I’m definitely not. But, I sometimes think I should be at a different point in my life now. Somewhere further down the road. But alas, it’s not meant to be.

We are just where we are meant to be.

We’ll all end up at the same place eventually just some take the longer, more scenic road. I hope more new scenery is in my future. I want to be able to travel. I want to see the world. If I’m in AB to make things better for us and postponing major, life moments I want to travel. Do the things many people can’t because of those major life moments. But at the same time I have this issue about spending money. I like to save and/or pay down debt. Everyone knows I’m good at saving and paying debt and the guilt I feel when I splurge or even buy necessities. But I just have to remember can’t save and not spend if I want to travel. What a conundrum.  I dream about traveling. Where should I go first? What should I do? Let’s forget about money and runaway. Far, far away.

I need to just live. Let everything be and just live. You only get one go at things. Live it with no regrets. There is my “mantra” for the evening.

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