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I’m getting a present

A super-duper awesome present!

I’m so excited I’m blogging before work taking up my breakfast time. But this is deemed more important! 😉

I thought it was going to be a real early Christmas present but I guess it’s just a “I’m so awesome” present!

Nah, it’s because my husband loves me.

But I really think it’s because he wants me to bake even more! Because I will I’m sure. I know he has alterior motives. It’s a gift for me that will be a gift for him in the long run. Smart man, I guess. 😉

I bet people can guess what my present is.

I’ll give you some hints.

I have to go to Williams-Sonoma for it. Ok, Lisa knows for sure now.

It’s silver and heavy. Well, not silver….nickle pearl to be exact.

It’s a must-have piece that I will have for years and years.

There you have it folks. I’m sure you all know now what my present is. I’m hoping that I don’t jiinx it somehow. But I can’t wait. I’m sure there will be another crazy blog about it…along the lines of my crazy measuring cups blog. hehe

Well I need to run….I need to get to work.

Enjoy your Friday everyone!

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  • Jillian

    I got a new slow cooker and i finally used my cyclone set that was in the box for a year, its just like the ads on the tv, i said a smoothie in it, in like 1 minute it was sweet. i am getting excited over kitchen appliances too, does this make me officially older lol

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