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I’m Stone Cold Crazy

Well boys & girls, ladies and gentlemen.  Tonight is the night. I’m off to see Metallica!

I am working a slightly earlier shift so I can get off 45 min earlier and peel it up the road to Cowtown. Off work at 4:15. Concert at 7. Metallica hits the stage around 8:20.

You’re happy right that we are going to be cutting it kind of close. But things will be fine. We’ll make it and I will love it.

It’s another thing to take off “my list”!!!

I wasn’t excited until this am. I woke up with lots of energy and eager anticipation. Today is probably going to take forever to go by.

I’ll definitely let you all know how it went. But I just wanted to drop a quick note before work just to remind people of what I will be doing tonight!


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