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It’s been 4 days…

…4 days since I got my braces.  4 days since I could indulge on whatever I wanted, where ever I wanted it. And they aren’t entirely as bad as I had imagined. There is a slight pressure on certain teeth but it hasn’t stopped me from eating what I want to eat. Ok, that might be a little exaggerated as I had to stop eating the chips and dip we had last night while playing Scrabble.  But if that is my only complaint, it can’t really be considered a complaint considering.

I’m still able to eat my crunchy cereal and I may or may not have had a few nacho chips the other day. Shhh! I may or may not have had a caramilk bar as well. Shhh!

But I realized that during my weekend of enjoying all non-braces food that I should have had my kettle corn. I LOVE popcorn, especially kettle corn, and here I have lots in my cupboards and can’t have it. It sucks. Also, I should have had NERDS. Oh well, those 2 things along with ribs without a fork/knife and Christensen’s corn on the cob will keep me going. Going for the next 1.5-2 years. Hopefully no longer.

We didn’t do very much this weekend. Just the usual. Groceries, cleaning, trolling the roads.  We had to empty our storage apartment into our teeny-tiny condo. It all come out of here so we can get it back in but it’s going to take up space out by the table because why would we pack it all so nice back into closets when it’s all going to be moved again in 1.5 months. So I have a big mess to deal with but it’s manageable.

I’m waiting on supper as we “speak”. Baked beans. Mmmmmm. It feels like it’s going to take forever.

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