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Just my luck

Posted by on July 4, 2008

Well, I sit here on the verge of my last week with things about to get busy. And guess what. I blew something out in my back. And it hurts. A LOT.

I bent down to pick up my cosmetic bag in the bathroom yesterday afternoon and crack. Ouch.

Let’s just say it took me 20 or so minutes to figure a way out of bed this a.m. I’m not even standing straight. My whole body is leaning to the right and I can’t seem to fix it. I’m hoping it’s just going to pop back into place on it’s own and I can continue with all that I had planned. It sucks. Timing couldn’t have been worse.

Well, ok it could have been worse if it was today that I was flying across this country of ours. I couldn’t imagine sitting for that long and not being able to move. I’d be stiff as a board and look so feeble trying to get up and off of the plane.

But here I am. On my last weekend in NS and something stupid like this goes and happens.

Can you tell I’m annoyed?!? Because I am.

Very much so.

I was supposed to do cheesy sight-seeing and photos today with Michelle. There is no way I can and it makes me angry. It’s too uncomfortable to sit and it’s too hard to get in and out of a car and I’m just really annoyed with it all at the moment.

I’m hoping the 2 tylenol will make it possible for me to ‘stretch it out’ or comfortable enough that it will just pop. *fingers crossed*

So there you have it folks, the story of the beginning of my last weekend in Pictou Co.

4 Responses to Just my luck

  1. Michelle

    I hope your back feels better soon! I know what that is like. We will have to try to fit in our mini-adventure sometime next week. And heck, if you are still sore I will get you a snazzy wheel-chair put on those streamers for bike handle bars and a card in the wheels just to make it extra cool. Now that would be a picture.

    • Laura

      definitely will have to try next week….I’m thinking Monday. But as for your idea, I’m half way there in that I have the handicap pass for parking. It hasn’t been used in months. LOL

    • Laura

      PS – Did you actually find a doers and dreamers guide? hehe

  2. Meghan

    I suggest you do what Michelle is offering even if you do feel better 😛 I’ve done that before. Get some Robaxacet (I don’t know the spelling) its what Dane takes for his leg and the generic stuff works fine!

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