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Last weekend braces free

So what does one do the last few days before they get their braces?

Well it involves a lot of not-so-good good food….and some good food!

It all started on Friday with BBQ chicken and Lays Ripple Chips with Onion Dip. With a side helping of Nibs licorice.

Then Saturday we spent the day shopping while our delicious ribs were in the oven slow-cooking awaiting our sweet-ass BBQ.  And while we weren’t shopping I was eating Mini Eggs. Lots and lots and lots of Mini Eggs. I did learn that there is no such thing as too much Mini Eggs though. So it was productive.  I thoroughly enjoyed eating our delicious ribs without having to use a fork and knife, which is in my immediate future.

Then out came the pure Maritime drink seen below. It’s liquid candy. 🙂

After eating all the mini eggs in the house I decided we should go out for a drink on the town.  Just to the local pub and take in the sights.  I figure why not, after this I’ll be self-conscious with the ol’ braces. The re-run of the demolishing of “Les Habitants” by my beloved Maple Leafs. Some crown and Ginger. The entertainment of drunk people who jumped on tables pretending to be velociraptors and such and this “geriatric band” that was playing. It was “interesting” to say the least.  I need boisterous drinking people like “back in the day”. haha

So here comes Sunday.

I decide to have chicken burgers for supper since I hear sandwiches and burgers are “fun” to eat when you have braces. I wanted to enjoy it without having so much shit get stuck in my teeth so I did. Hamburgers on the BBQ are on tap for tomorrow.

We had a few errands to run. Legitimate errands but I come back with this:


A bag of goodies that I was told to sit back and enjoy while I was braces free. And I willingly complied. That sweet looking apple in the back is just that. A sweet Caramel Apple Pie candy apple and the rest is pretty self-evident as long as you have 2 eyes. hehe

I’m about to sit back and enjoy some popcorn with lounging on the tv with my darling husband.

It has been one sweet weekend. Great for my senses but probably not so good for my figure. Oh well, it’ll be almost 2 years before I’ll have a lot of this goodness again so I can splurge.

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