2012,  reflection

Life Lessons

It’s true what they say, when big things happen it shows you who your friends are.

In the early days, everyone cares and are constantly sending well wishes and checking in then slowly over time they start to fade away. Ok, it’s not all that slowly. They return to their own lives blissfully unaware of the earth shattering blows I received almost daily. Rightfully so because I don’t expect to be the centre of the world and people have to get back to their regularly scheduled programming. You come to expect the natural pattern and flow of things. The influx of support then the slow retreat until you are left alone with your emotions and own family and your true friends.

But, there are a few exceptions. People who you never would have thought would ‘walk away’ do just that. Then others who were all but a distant memory reach out to you like nothing has happened all those years ago. “Strangers” off the internet are there for you during your darkest hours. It’s quite remarkable where you find strength and support. What’s even more shocking are the places you don’t find the support you long for.

Just the 4 of us against the world. I know it’s not, but some days it certainly feels that way.

If youre absent during my struggle, don’t expect to be present during my success.” -Will Smith  


  • Mom

    I can relate to what you have said and if only distance wasn’t so great, you know I’d be there to help in whatever way you needed me. However, even with so many miles between us, I hope you feel my moral support every day and especially on days you feel you need it a little more than usual. Love, Mom (((((to the 4 of you always))))

  • Birdy

    It’s hard to know what to do or say from a distance, and I agree – everyone just goes back into their own little world after awhile.

    Maybe make a list of little things people could help with, or things you are looking for (i.e. the wig glue). I check FB every so often to see if there’s something I can help with… I’m still looking for that elusive blanket 🙂

    I’m so proud of you and how you are being an advocate for your boy!

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