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Mothers’ Day 2015

Posted by on May 10, 2015

I’m hurting. It’s the first year I won’t be able to Skype you for Mothers’ Day while you anxiously await eating the lobster you got every year. You loved the cards more than anything. I’ll always remember how much you loved cards. You never threw one out. But I’m lost. Tomorrow the internet is going to be flooded of photos of my friends with their Moms, statuses about their Moms, photos of brunches & dinners & smiles with their Moms. It just reminds me I’m motherless in this big ol’world. I certainly don’t need a day to remind me but I have never had a day pass where I’ve forgotten that fact.

I just try to remember you are where you always knew you were going to be and I bet you are so happy there. This will be your first Mothers’ Day with your Mom in 52 years. That’s a lot of Mothers’ Days you spent thinking about and wishing for your Mom. I can’t imagine feeling this longing and sadness for so long. Now I’m wishing for mine.

I miss you. A lot. I love you. Happy Mothers’ Day Mom.

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