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Of all friggin times

So I was supposed to have Leafs tickets as I type this.

Key word being supposed.

J and I were up and had the page loaded and ready to go. We both hit refresh and then it blocked us for a 2 minutes. But we were ok because it was 9:57 and we had 3 minutes.

But then 10 comes and we have no internet. The orange light is not blinking. It didn’t start blinking until 10:13. 12 minutes too late.

We lost our tickets.

I friggin had Metallica tickets the morning they went on sale (didn’t buy them though b/c I already had tickets) and we all know how fast that turned out. But couldn’t pull through with the hockey tickets. I hate Shaw.

It crapped out for 10-15 minutes the other morning as well. It threw off my morning routine.  Then we get home tonight and our cable keeps crapping out and some channels are choppy as Hell. So we call, only to get an automated answer that cables are down in Calgary and South Eastern AB and they have been working all day to fix and users will experience choppiness and outages. Well frig. Of all God damn days.

I’m pissed.

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