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Oh Blue and White, WTF!?!

Ok, so the Leafs are really beginning to annoy me. Well maybe moreso the MSLE. However, whoever it is really needs to f’in stop.  All I can say is that something needs to happen and it needs to be big. Injuries have been tearing them apart again and they canNOT win 2 games in a row. It’s so friggin frustrating.

Fire JFJ.

Fire Maurice if you have to. (Although I don’t think this is the problem.)

Trade away some players.

Do something to set a fire under somebody’s ass.

The Leafs are more than a money-making machine to everyone else other than the MSLE.

I still watch their games religiously and cheer really loud at my tv.  But sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes I think it might be better if I don’t watch. However, it’s like a horrific car accident….you just can’t look away.

I keep hoping to see a glimmer and whatnot and I did see one last Saturday. But they blew yet another 2 goal lead in the third. GAH! Talk about frustrating.  Was it the goalie? Was it the D? Was a team effort? Was it just being overpowered? Doubtful on the latter. haha

I do think the Leafs are turning it around. Just not fast enough. They are playing better D than a month ago and there is chemistry finally starting to click on some lines.  This weekend will be the tell. They need to get away and have their road games (where they do better) and play the Western teams. If they do well, the loss to Boston is greatly minimized because then it would be like 1 loss in 4 games. Not bad. However, it could go horribly, horribly wrong and be a 3 game losing streak (God forbid).

But yea. I do think they are turning it around but I’m not sure if it’s enough to be where I want them to be and where they want them to be. But frig, just play the good hockey you can. Stop losing to the crap teams and beating the good ones. Because lets be honest, there are more crap teams in the East than there are good ones. hehe

Food for thought: The leafs have not missed the playoffs for 3 years in a row since the 20s-30s. That says a lot because their Harold Ballard days weren’t their best and he didn’t enough run them that far into the ground. haha


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