2006,  rants'r'us

Reality Checks Suck

Someone had the nerve to break into our Jeep while parked in the underground storage!! We’re out a lot of money. The stereo, speakers, and amp can’t be replaced…at least through insurance b/c the Jeep wasn’t insured because it was parked and we weren’t covered for theft anyways. They got ALL the tools John got for Christmas. It’s such a pissoff. It was just over $900 with taxes. We don’t know if we should go through insurance or not, we’ve started a claim but if it’s in our best interest not to put it through we won’t.

It would be so bad if the F&#$ers didn’t break the window on the drivers side. We have to replace that on our own, along with the stereo. Boooooo. Friggin friggers.

Poor ‘Charles.’Someone raped him. Hopefully things will fall together and insurance won’t be too big of a prick. But I won’t hold my breath that’s for sure.

We have our strong suspicions as to who it is, as do the police but there isn’t too much we can do. Sketchy.

I’m so angry…John is livid.

It’s rather unsettling to know someone was rifling through our things and was in our car. Only we belong in that car….not them!!

Well that’s enough ranting for now!

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