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Scotia’s 1st Bath

Posted by on November 8, 2009

So we took on the task of washing our pup today.  It was quite the process. She was quite dirty since we have no grass in our backyard.  Plus her fur wasn’t as soft anymore.

We had all intentions of chronicling it because I love wet dog pictures but as you will see later (probably tomorrow) it was impossible.

We hadn’t expected it would go down that way because she loves water. When we are showering she is at the curtain trying to get in and play in the water. Heck, one day she wanted in so bad J picked her up and took her in the shower with him. She loved it.

So we thought bathing her would be easy.

We thought wrong.

Day 108: Dont make me go

Day 108: Don't make me go

Ok this picture isn’t exactly what it looks like. It looks like she is frightened and/or is grabbing onto anything she can so we don’t drag her into our tub.


She was just super excited and was attacking our bath mat. 🙂

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  1. Jillian

    I :love: Scotia…such a cute pic

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